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The literature is overflowing with accounts of G-spot pleasuring techniques that climax in a flood of orgasmic ecstasy. There are even some rabbit vibrators out there that have a curved tip that allows it to easily manipulate the G Spot to climax, (these are called G-Spot Rabbits). Yup, it's him again - the clit is responsible for those majestic waves of pleasure you can sway on if you target your G-spot right.

Most popular G-spot dildos are designed in such a way that they will touch and stimulate your G-spot no matter what, unlike others which may require a little bit more attention. The best way to manually stimulate the G-spot is with a "tapping" motion with the index finger or gentle stroking and firm pressure with a finger, a curved sex toy or sometimes an erect penis.

You could also insert one or two fingers inside your vagina to be able to stroke your G-spot, which is located about two inches in the underside of you abdomen. Periodically take the glass dildo completely out and trace the slippery head along the lips and around the opening to the vagina to keep every bit moist and aroused.

Dildos made out of silicone are the most popular because of silicone's adam and eve dildo flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to body temperature. You can also find books , videos , more videos , and articles offering additional insight as to how you can most effectively find and stimulate the G-spot.

G-Spot vibes usually bend or have a hook shaped end to hit that wonderful spot a couple of inches in on the front wall of your vagina. However, in our tests its firm, smooth texture and its ergonomic curved shape proved to be incomparable for stimulating the G-spot, eliciting the most intense sensations of all the toys we tried.

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